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Including woodcut and linoleum cut printing.

Relief: Team Members


An in-depth process overview.

Museum of Modern Art, 2011.


Color Relief Printing: Reduction Method

Reduction Relief Printmaking - Color Study

Use colored pencil or crayons to plan the overlay of color in a multi-layer print. Applicable most specifically to reduction relief printmaking, but this could be applied to all multicolor prints. I used the "Split Channels" function in Photoshop (see link below for that video step-by-step guide) to print Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black color separations as references in this process.


Watch related video "Planning Color Layers with Photoshop for Hand-Pulled Prints"


Susanna Crum, 2020.

Reduction Relief Printmaking - Carving the First Layer

Introduction to using a lino cutter set with multiple gouges to carve the first layer of a 3-color print. Overview of safe cutting procedures, using a slip-proof mat, and referring to the color study as reference. 


Susanna Crum, 2020.

Relief Printing from a Single Block using the Reduction method

A tutorial video showing how to make a 4 colour reductive print with linoleum. The artist uses a scaled color study as a reference throughout the carving and printing process, and registers (aligns) the prints by hand.  

Frank Curkovic, 2014.

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 8.55.25 AM.png

Relief Printing from a Single Block using the Reduction method

A tutorial video showing how to make a 4 color reduction relief print using a wood block and a stencil to mask out unwanted background textures. Click on the image to open Vimeo and watch the video. 

Lari Gibbons, 2020. 

How to make a Reduction Linocut - 6-color relief print

Excellent suggestions for a homemade registration system using cardboard strips, and reflection on planning colors for your print. 

Belinda Del Pesco, 2015.

Introductory Relief Printmaking / Single-Color Prints

Transferring an image to your block

An intro to an easy image layout process for relief printmaking (woodcut or linocut), whether you're using a photographic or hand-drawn reference images.

Susanna Crum, 2020.

Relief Printmaking: Carving and Printing a One-Color Image without a Press (Frottage and Hand Printing)

An overview of making a relief print start to finish: from carving a block to making an ink-free impression with the frottage process and printing by hand with a wooden spoon.

Susanna Crum, 2020.

Color Printing with Multiple Blocks

Relief Prints with Multiple Blocks

In this video I'll be showing you how I make a two-color linocut print using a simple registration jig. I will carve out a “key block”, use it to create my second color block, and make the two layers line up using just a few low-cost materials. This method can be adapted to printing with more than two blocks, and it can also be used with other printmaking techniques, such as woodcuts. 

Maarit Hänninen, 2018.

Large Scale Relief Printing

The video "Guerre e Amore" follows the process of producing two large scale linocuts hand printed by Melbourne artist Angela Cavalieri for a Creative Fellowship at the State Library of Victoria. Inspired by her love of the Italian language, she researches the music of Claudio Monteverde and the architectural drawings and prints of Giovanni Battista Piranesi in the rare books section at the State Library. From here she develops preliminary drawings and ideas before moving to her Brunswick studio to draw, cut and finally hand print the two large-scale lino-cut prints in preparation for display in the Library. The two prints, Guerre e Amore, were on display in the State Library of Victoria in association with the exhibition "Rome: Piranesi's Vision" from 22 February -- 22 June 2014

Greg Wallis, 2014.

Using the CNC Router in relief printmaking

How to create a repeated pattern design and translate your image to a readable format for use with a ShopBot router.


Susanna Crum, 2019.


Multiple Blocks
Single Color and Introductory
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