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Interview with Trish Korte

1. You don't focus on printmaking, but Is your practice related to printmaking in some way?

I love to print … on paper, on fabric, on canvas, on wax … I am a mixed media / fiber artist. I print for color, texture, and pattern which is the essence of my work. My mono-prints stand alone under coats of encaustic wax or merge with found text, photos and collected relics in my assemblage work.

2 How do you manage your art practice while also working?

I am lucky enough that art was my work. I loved making art and teaching art. I was a very hands-on-teacher and I did a lot of demos over the years. I continually made art, or should I say, continually started a lot of art! I would fill my summer break completing the demo’s that filled my desk all semester.

Managing an art practice while working can be a challenge … or welcome therapy. I have always made art and have very recently left my fulltime teaching position to prioritize my studio time.

3 Do you record the hours you spend on your work?

No, not really. I work on multiple pieces at a time and can be very proficient when composing my collages or assemblage work. Then on the other-hand, my fiber work is very time consuming; embroidery or hand-quilting will always feed the soul more fully than you wallet.

4 Do you normally make work in thematic series?

My work tends to develop in a series, mainly due to a process or technique I’m learning. Each new discovery springboard the next idea; I tend to work in threes. I like odd numbers.

5 What advice would you give to young artists that want to apply for art opportunities but don't know where to go or what to look for?

Our community is rich in opportunities. Local galleries and businesses continually post opportunities for regional and national competitions and opportunities to exhibit. Try joining an, on-line, art news page like Louisville Visual Arts. LVA sends out artist opportunities and current calls for exhibition monthly.

Also, join your local community arts center, guild or other organization; the chance for critique’ and workshops are a great way to continually grow and network with other artists.

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