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  • Georgi Johansen

Interview with Camilla Taylor

1. How do you balance the stress of work life with personal life?

Camilla doesn’t have kids so it relatively easy to balance as they don’t really try to, other than not working on the weekend.

2. Do you have a favorite medium?

Camilla doesn’t have a favorite medium but likes to make work that is time consuming. Things that finish too quickly are not rewarding to them.

3. What does a typical day or week look like for you?

Camilla works as an art from around 10a to 7pm, Monday-Friday. They try to keep it like an average job with weekends off.

4. Is there particular color palettes, textures, patterns, etc. that you prefer to use?

Camilla prefers the black, white, and grey palette with a matte finish. Shiny finishes just doesn’t go with their styles, they said it looks too new.

5. What type of environment helps you to thrive in creating your work?

Isolation is the biggest key to helping Camilla thrive in creating work. They still have studio visits and things like that but they still prefer isolation.


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