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  • Emma Schad

Interview with Heidi Tarver

1. How did you set up your first studio outside of school? What alternative materials did you use, and how did you use them?

My first studio was in my home, in the garage. I was working in mixed media at the time, so all I really needed was a table and some good light. In good weather I worked outside. A studio can be anywhere, as long as you have light, and maybe water.

2. What artists or concepts inspire you in your work?

My primary inspiration is Islamic art and architecture, which has informed my work throughout many decades and across media. I’m interested in pattern above all, and the way in which geometric pattern and color interact to engage both mind and spirit. My current work in ceramics explores the use of pattern and in the creation of functional objects.

3. What kind of artist did you start out as? Sculptor, painter, or have you always been the kind of artist you are now?

I have worked in many media: mixed media, paper, furniture design, metals, textile art. My current work is in ceramics.

4. Do you make personal art? If so, how do you balance that with your work for a living?

Not sure what this question means. All my art is personal, and it is also for sale.

5. How do you decide to pursue new ideas?

New ideas are at the heart of art making for me. I love the challenge of trying to figure out how to do something I have never done before, making mistakes and learning from them as I move through the process. It’s what keeps art making alive for me.


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